Emigrate New Zealand


This is a free online book intended for people who are thinking about, or are in the process of emigrating.

It will also be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to emigrate and what new settlers find different about living in New Zealand. It is written from the perspective of coming from England to live in New Zealand.

The first part of this book offers an insight into what New Zealand is like today. The second part will help you analyse your reasons for emigrating and give you an idea what it is like being an immigrant. The third part covers the more practical issues of the ‘great move’. Throughout this book there are sensible tips to help the new immigrant survive the first few months.

The idea for this book started when my family and I first thought of emigrating to New Zealand. I used to scour the shops and libraries for books on immigration but they were practically non-existent. There were plenty of works showing beautiful scenery and wildlife. There was even one I remember called “New Zealand on 20 Bucks a Day”, but nothing on everyday life.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask and I vowed that when I finally made it to New Zealand, I would write a book giving all the information that I craved.

My pre-occupation in the early stages, was what were the correct qualifications to gain entry into New Zealand? What was the viability of shipping the car out and would it be worth taking the TV? These questions, although valid enough, almost pale into insignificance compared to a lot of things I did not ask, because I never thought of them.

I never asked myself what would it feel like to be a foreigner in a country, or did I mind the children losing their English accents? I never asked, because I did not know the questions that needed asking. What I really needed was an expert, but where to find one and what is an expert anyway?

Using what little information we had, my husband and I and our two children decided to take the plunge anyway and in the process I have learnt a great deal about emigrating, a lot about New Zealand and plenty about myself. I have also learnt how experts are born and I declare myself an ‘expert’ on emigrating (mostly learnt the hard way)

The purpose of this book is to share my experience. Even more importantly it is my aim to get you asking the right questions. It provides up to date, first hand information wherever possible, but I would urge you to check out current statistics.

It is written by someone who has ‘been there’ and appreciates the problems and knows the pitfalls. Someone who has laughed and cried and survived and lives to tell the tale. I hope that by sharing my experiences you might have an easier path.

Read chapter 2, “A Quick Background to NZ” by clicking here.

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